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Fair Financial Pay For Equal Work Accomplished


It’s a problem that has been going on since at least the 1830’s. Men, it seems, has always made more money than women. The typical housewife was always seen as staying at home and tending to the kids. In the 1830’s feminism was ready to kick into high gear. This pressure for equal pay would continue to erupt through World War II all the way until it was declared an Act in 1970 which encouraged equal pay and prohibited less favorable treatment of women over men. As of now, European trade unions are putting a great amount of pressure on employers to make more progress in this area. This is in the U.K. What’s going on in other parts of the world? Is it just the western world that is progressing in this area? Let’s see.

They say that about a third of construction workers in Cambodia are women. Unfortunately, they are not receiving equal pay in relation to their male counterparts along with standard protections that come with the job. It seems that women are making on average of three to five dollars a day whereas men are making five to seven dollars. On the other side of things when they are doing work that one would consider "women’s work" in garment shops, they are getting treated better, yet the pay is still not the same.

According to new statistics, women in Canada are still earning only 70% of what their male counterparts are. This has stayed roughly the same from 2009 until today. One reason for this gap is the type of jobs that women are doing. They seem to be in lower paying industries like truck driving for example. Not only that, women are doing much more unpaid work as well like household tasks. As of right now, sixty percent of workers making minimum wage are women. Even with that fact in mind, women are more likely to have a degree but be paid less on all platforms of work.

What does it all mean?
Although the thinking that there has to be a male breadwinner in each household has seemed to fade away in recent years, the influence still remains. Women are working fewer hours than their male counterparts but still have unpaid work to do at home. There isn’t a simple solution to this problem. When it comes to solving these issues, we need to be figuring out and applying the newest methods and solutions. For all questions that are connected with law and the rights that we have in the workplace, contact Anderson Gray Melbourne Office.




Counting the Cost of Re-Roofing


If you need to install a new roof, you might want to have a good idea of how much things will cost so that you have a general idea of how much money you will need to have for materials and labour. You don’t ever want to have an unfinished roof, so it's good to budget and have the money you need to pay for labour and material before undertaking roof replacement.

Roofs are all different unless you live in a cookie-cutter housing-type neighbourhood. All contractors have different pricing structures for their roofing company; however, the pricing per square feet can range from three dollars to seven dollars depending on what material you choose to get. Not only that, you will probably add on to that the costs of other materials needed to install the new roof like protective paper membranes, nails, staples, or flashings. Labour is usually about more than half the cost of the quote and the material costs about a little less than half of the quote. Installing roofing for just a regular house can cost up to about seven thousand dollars to nine thousand dollars. That might include a five-year warranty as well. If a roof is labour intensive requiring a lot of board or underlayer paper replacing or leak fixing, it will cost more. Regular roof shingles for a regular house can average about seven thousand dollars. For putting in a metal roof, it can cost a lot more at about double the price of regular shingles.

If the contractors have to go around skylights, chimneys, or plumbing, it’s a bit more tricky for them to get around those areas so the price might be a little more than other roofs without those things. Also, if you get better quality shingles or roofing material like metal, your material and labour costs will be more as the contractor usually marks up the value of the material more and has to be really careful with installation. A basic one storey house with a gable can be about eight thousand dollars to twelve thousand dollars. Always get quotes from different roofing Brisbane companies and check out their customer reviews before settling with a contractor so you can get the best deal. See what warranty each contractor offers. You can try to bargain and see if you can get the price quotes lowered.

Communicate well with the contractor you hire and make sure all costs are covered. Some contractors separate the cost of materials with the cost of labour.




Getting The Most Money Back From Rental Property Tax-wise


Do you own a rental property for commercial uses? If you do, you might not know that you can write-off a lot of stuff from taxes. Even a small percentage of deductibles from your taxes add up in the long run, giving you more money in your pocket.

Here are some examples of things you can deduct from taxes for your rental property:

- Maintenance of the grounds and cleaning costs. Whatever you spend in cleaning materials or labour for cleaning and maintaining the grounds are tax deductible. Plants you buy for the lawn of the rental property and money you spend for mowing the lawn can be included. If you hire plumbers to install or fix things, it can be costly. Fortunately, you can add that to the tax deductible stuff as well. If you put in air conditioning, you can get some money back too. Maintenance and cleaning costs a lot, so don’t forget to deduct the percentage allowed.

- Building insurance is a must when having renters. It’s not cheap! At least you can write some of it off your taxes as well. For more information on this you can visit this EzyAccounts

- If there are building pests that have to be removed, the pests including the cost of pest removal can prove to be a headache for you. At least you can take them off your taxes.

- If you pay for the water that is used for care and maintenance of the building, that is also tax deductible.

- Taxes you pay for the land your rental property is on are also tax deductible.

- Electricity and gas that the building uses that the renters don’t pay for are tax deductible.

- If you have paid for a security system or have a guard for the building, you can write a percentage off the costs incurred for those.

- Any postage or mail costs can also be deducted.

- If you provide Internet and telephone costs for the building, those can be deducted.

- What you pay for banking for the building and interest you pay on loans are also tax deductible.

Of note is that you can only deduct these if you or your rental business paid for the expenses and not the tenant.

Looking for more ways to get your money back from taxes? Check out this Website and you’ll find help that you need when it comes to doing your taxes. Save yourself from undue anxiety and stress.



Tricks To Make Moving Easier


1. Don’t you hate it when boxes are hard to hold? Make it easy for yourself by cutting rectangular-shaped holes in the sides of your moving boxes. Just simply fold in the top side of the rectangle for easy carrying.

2. Don’t pack your soft toys or blankets in boxes. Use them as fillers to help pack and make fragile items immovable. If you don’t want these soft toys or blankets to get too dirty, bag them in plastic bags before using as fillers.

3. One thing most people forget to do is unplug or defrost fridges and freezers before moving. It’s a great idea to do this in order to not have leaks from thawing water or from condensation. Don’t forget to also use up or eat all the things in the fridge or freezers before moving to prevent waste.

4. When moving, most chords from electronics like the TV or DVD players just get removed and packed away without a thought. However, when unpacking a problem arises with where to reconnect them again on your electronics. To prevent this, take a quick photo with your mobile device or camera that shows where the cords were connected before unplugging them. Then bag them in clear plastic and label them according to which electronics they belong to.

5. For heavy items like many books, pack those in luggage that have wheels for easy and effortless moving.

6. Don’t take clothes off hangers. Just simply tie the hangers together with a tie strap and bag the clothes (as many as would fit in one large plastic garbage bag). This way, when you reach your destination, you can just cut the tie strap and then hang the hangers with the clothes then remove the plastic bag.

7. Have an essentials box that includes everything you and your family needs for the first couple of nights of the move. This way you have what you need on hand and you won’t have to go digging for stuff haphazardly. Pack like you’re going on vacation for a couple of days. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks as well to keep hydrated and to keep your sugar levels even.

8. Use clothes as cushions and fillers for glassware, plates, and bowls. If you have styrofoam plates, use those in between each plate to act as a protective cushion.

If you need help for local removals, call the professionals at Brisk Transport based in Brisbane.



Accounting In Times Past


The earliest known existence of accounting is evidenced to be about 7000 years ago in the lands in between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea in what was then known as Mesopotamia. Interestingly, the Mesopotamians developed their method of accounting in order to keep account of temple taxes and goods traded in or out of their temples. Accounting made its debut along with early forms of writing.

By 4000 and 3000 BC, accounting continued to be developed by ancient Iranians and even had people specifically assigned as having jobs doing accounting. If you go to museums that feature ancient artifacts, you can see evidence of their recording of crops stored. They apparently recorded most of their harvests. Some ways of ancient recording of accounts included tables or tokens.

After those humble beginnings, the ancient Greeks, early Egyptians and the newly formed nation of Israel also developed their forms of accounting. The Egyptians and Babylonians even began to have people check their accounting thus heralding the beginning of the now feared auditors.

By the time the Romans came around, accounting became more complex. Historical facts show that the ancient Roman government’s spending, allowances, and taxation were recorded. Ancient papyrus scrolls from an ancient Egyptian land under the control of the Romans also record in detail the accounts of a wealthy estate. Included in the accounts are organized departments of farming that would help the owner make an informed decision so that he can make his estate run better.

In medieval times, money came to the fore which made it easier for merchants to keep account of transactions. During this time, debit and credit came to be. Debit is defined from Latin as 'owe ' and credit is defined also from Latin as 'trust.' This is called the double-entry bookkeeping whereas before people only relied on single entry bookkeeping. As the years passed by, accounting branched off into financial form and managerial form. The actual job of accounting in our modern age actually started in Scotland. Originally, lawyers did accounting for their customers. Eventually with the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the need arose for full fledged accountants to look after the accounting needs of factories and the job of accountants arose.

Today, there are many schools set up to educate those who want a rewarding career in accounting. If you're looking for certified and trusted accounting services for your business or personal affairs, look no further. Book your Accountant Sunshine Coast in Australia today.



What Can Publicity Do For You?

Reach literally millions of buyers
Establish credibility as an expert in your field
Establish trust with your website visitors
Create backlinks
Increase your standing in the search engines
Improve traffic to your website

How to Write a Press Release Discover The Key to Unleash the Power of Publicity

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We're the authors of several nonfiction books, a novel and various ebooks.

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Tips for Publicity

Web Reputation Management is just as important as your company's reputation. Search engines analyze sites and determine which have the highest authority for certain keyword phrases. When someone searches using that keyword phrase, the highest authority sites are presented first. People usually click on the first few sites presented in the search results. Increase your web reputation through keyword selection, linking, article distribution to ezine sites and of course, press releases. You can also increase your progress in any subject by trying out the professional essay writing service at www.aussiewriter.com.

Make sure your company is listed in search engines including the local search index.

Tie your press releases into what's happening in the news. A series of informative releases distributed on a regular basis can result in coverage by national magazines.

Establish yourself as an expert with the media. Turn your essay writing into a press release that snags the media's interest. If you see a story that you could have contributed to, email the reporter and offer your insights. The next time a similar topic comes up the reporter may think of you to interview. For example, Brian and I are considered experts on entrepreneurs, business planning and financing. Set up a page at your blog that demonstrates your speaking ability and schedule make sure you include the topic you speak on and where you're located. That way someone looking for Motivational Speakers Toronto for example, could easily find you in the search engines if you use those keywords in your page.

Use promotional products with a copy of the cover of your book, image of your product or your company logo. We put the cover graphic of our novel on Tee shirts and wore them to sports bars, grocery stores and just out and about. Try personalized tote bags, coffee cups, or hats. Tie in the promotional item to your product.

Don't stop there. Use promotional items as giveaways during special events, trade shows and conventions. Include them in your press kit as well.

Visit trade shows and see which are appropriate for your company. Talk with vendors and see if they would recommend the show. First impressions count so use professional looking exhibition stands in your booth.

If part of your marketing program is to offer a free book or report to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information you need some way to follow up with all those leads and convince them to convert from being a lead to a customer. Demand Generation Software does exactly that. Don't let the name fool you. It's useful for start-ups, mid-size firms and the big boys.

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What Our Experience Means to You

Simply put it means we know how important publicity is to the success of a company. We know what to do, where to do it and when to do it. Our grassroots approach is effective and economical. Our services are geared to your needs.


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