Power of Publicity

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Unleash the Power of Publicity - Paid Advertising Versus Publicity

You don't have to pay a newspaper to publish the information in the press release, but you also don't have control over how the information is used. If you're interviewed, you don't have control over which quotes are used, or whether they're used at all. That doesn't mean the reporter can change what you say. They can't intentionally misquote you. (Keep in mind unintentional misquotes happen all the time.) You won't have the opportunity to approve your quotes or the story. You could spend several hours talking with a reporter and not get any mention in the story whatsoever.

Advertising gives you control. You can decide what's included, the spacing, the wording, art work, and headlines. What you give up is some credibility and visibility with readers. Most people do not give the same weight to the information in an advertisement as they do to a story because they believe – right or wrong- that the reporter is objective. Many people skip advertisements altogether.

Even though you don't pay the newspaper for publicity it's not exactly free. It will cost you time to develop the press release or to pay someone else to write it for you and to develop a media contact list or pay for the distribution.

So now that you know how press releases and publicity can increase the success of your business, get started and unleash the power of publicity for you.

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