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Coaching Services for Publicity And Marketing

Need Advice About How to Generate Publicity for Your Business?

Any business, but particularly a new company, needs publicity to gain a foothold in the competitive marketplace. And publicity can be an inexpensive means of getting the word out to thousands or even millions of potential customers.

These days, there are numerous Internet sites and services to help you generate publicity. But you need to know:

How do I craft an effective press release?

How do I come up with a 'hook' that will cause the media to notice me?

How can I use publicity to help me attract customers?

How do I prepare for a print, radio or TV interview?

Which Internet sites are the best ones for me to use to disseminate my press release?

How much does a publicity campaign cost?

What frequency of press releases is most effective?

We have operated a nationally known management consulting firm for more than two decades, and have used publicity to build traffic to our Internet site and to help us find clients. We have been interviewed in dozens of national publications, and have been invited to appear on numerous radio programs and even television interviews. We are available for hourly consultations by phone or e-mail, with only a two hour minimum commitment. Our hourly fee is $60.00. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of how to build an effective publicity campaign for your business. We can be contacted at

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