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Commercial Advertising Tips and Ideas

Commercials are paid audio visual messages, which can be funny, serious, thought provoking, scary or sentimental. The commercial message states the problem, why the problem is important and the solution to the problem -- the product. Whether it's the "even a caveman can do it," or "pop, pop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is" jingle, a commercial's intent is to sell. A small business can take advantage of several commercial advertising mediums in its promotions plan.


The first radio commercial, according to AT&T, was the sponsorship by a real estate company of an entire program in August, 1922, on WEAF radio station in New York. However, that sponsorship was actually predated by a music store in Seattle six months earlier. Radio commercials depend on short audio messages from 15 to 30 seconds. Since the message is so brief, it's usually repeated a number of times so listeners remember the message. A business should research the listener demographics of any radio program or station before placing advertising. Coming up with a musical jingle is one idea for radio advertising. Another is a clever memorable slogan.


Television advertising has the potential to run into the millions of dollars per ad -- commercials during the Super Bowl cost $4 million for one spot. Local programming, and early morning or late evening time slots, are more within the reach of a small business. TV commercials are from 30 seconds to one minute long. Ideas include testimonials, hiring a local celebrity to be the spokesperson or playing off the sincerity of the business owner.


Major national publications have online sites, as well as hardcopy publications. When viewing the site, the visitor often has to wait for a commercial to play through before being taken to the article or information he wants to view. Cookies that track Internet browsing habits on the viewer's computer can determine which commercial is presented. For example, if he recently visited a golf site and then goes to a sports magazine site, the commercial is focused on golf equipment. A small business owner can contract with websites that are in the same niche but not competitive to her products to place her commercials. Ideas include a humorous approach to an embarrassing problem or a strong armed approach to break a bad habit.

Video Platforms

Video platform websites force the viewer to wait through a commercial before she is taken to the video or slideshow she actually wants to view. The upside is the commercials can be targeted based on the content of the video. The downside is the viewer may check email, open her browser to another site and ignore the commercial. One idea is for a business owner to record a demonstration of their product and upload it with links and information to his site. Another is a question and answer session with a satisfied customer.


Mobile-based location advertising brings products to customers when they're out and about looking for the product. Commercials are delivered to a very precisely targeted market. Advertisers bid on topics such as gardening, on the type of mobile device such as individuals on high-end smart phones, or those located based in a geographic area such as Scottsdale, Arizona. Retail businesses and restaurants can take advantage of mobile-based location advertising to bring in new customers by offering a "today only" discount coupon.

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