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Press Release Writing

A snappy press release grabs the attention of editors, reporters, and journalists. The release doesn't have to be long. In fact one page is preferable, but it does have to be well written, targeted, and focused on the news aspect of your company or product.

You could write the release yourself. Or we can do it for you. Our fees are reasonable, we charge $99 per release. If you decide you would like a package of 4 press releases, there is a discount of 25% if all 4 are paid for in advance.

The turnaround time for completion of a press release is usually within 3 business days. If it will be longer than that we'll let you know. When we receive payment we will contact you through your Paypal email to get the process going. You can also contact us at info@power-of-publicity.com with your Paypal transaction number to start. We work an 8 hour business day Monday through Friday, so if you've paid over the weekend we might not contact you until Monday.

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